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Does BarnabasWC actually get us a job? 

No.  We are not an employment agency.  Our four major functions are:

  • S – Support
  • A – Accountability
  • N – Networking
  • E – Encouragement

Do you have to go to any particular Church or even go to Church to attend? 

No.  All are welcome.  Believers and non-believers.  We do have a short Bible Study each session but do not force anyone to participate out of their comfort zone.

Why 6:30 AM on Mondays? 

We believe that getting a new job is a full-time effort.  The 6:30 AM timeframe is a jump start on a new week.  We end by 7:30 AM so folks may continue the day with a minimum of disruption.

How do you help us network? 

Five main methods:

  • Social media tools instruction
  • The morning group
  • The local church and its members
  • Barnabas alumni
  • Local events

What resources does BarnabasWC tap into? 

We are continually expanding our network of FOB’s (Friends of Barnabas).  Examples include:

  • Industry experts (meet for coffee, insights, and connections)
  • H.R. experts (resume help, skills building)
  • Barnabas alumni (have been through what you’re going through)
  • Accountability partners (will keep you on track)
  • Encouragement (prayer partners, informal networking)

Who are some of the current “Friends of Barnabas” that assist in the ministry?

NOTE: As the West Chester ministry matures, we expect many more FOBs to be added.

Are there any volunteer opportunities to help support BarnabasWC? 

Are you an employer with job openings?  Are you strategically placed in your company to help us get an “in” with HR?  Would you like to serve as a mentor, accountability partner, or prayer partner with someone going through career transition?  Are you an “expert” in your field that we can “tap” for networking meetings?  If so, attend one of our sessions or e-mail info@barnabaswc.com to volunteer.

Why do you folks do this ministry and what do you believe? 

BarnabasWC volunteers serve for one simple purpose: to demonstrate God’s love for people.  The ministry is a community service and an encouragement to include God in your career transition.  To view a faith statement about what the leadership believes, click here.

What methods of communication do you use? 

We do a weekly recap of our meetings via e-mail.  Normally, we’ll refer to our attendees via first name only or with initials to protect anonymity.  In the past we have utilized Facebook, Linkedin, newsletters, etc. to communicate together.

We hope to utilize this website more effectively to post open jobs, etc. so that no one is bombarded with e-mails.  We also use the local churches, word of mouth, and referrals to get the word out!

Are there any financial costs involved?  No.

We now meet weekly.. Every Monday at 6:30-7:30 am. Join Us!

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